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You will find it where it is, a reader 

1st ed. Published by Poor Farm Press 

     "In her new book You Will Find It Where It Is: A Reader, Sonja Thomsen claims the peripheral as the locus of attention. Through visual research and footnotes, she reveals the collective histories of various artists, writers, and scientists, to reveal their evocative potential. Polishing her feminist lens, Thomsen intercepts the timelines of three women—nineteenth-century writer, Margaret Fuller; twentieth-century photographer, Lucia Moholy; and twenty-first century conceptual artist, Maria Nordman—to lead the reader on a redacted exploration of gendered history and create for new space for wonder and discovery.


Summer  2020:   

Chicago, Edelman Gallery - in collaboration with Linda Connor

Book Release, You will find it where it is, A reader 

Winter 2021:   Milwaukee, The Suburban