Marginal Notes, 2021

The Suburban, Milwaukee


Marginal Notes was an evolving installation of photographs, light modulations and architectural interventions at The Suburban by artist Sonja Thomsen. The gallery was open by appointment. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Thomsen hosted virtual conversations around collaboration, using the Suburban as a laboratory for discovery. Exhibited at The Suburban, Milwaukee WI, January – February 2021

Simultaneous to the exhibition is the release of Thomsen’s book You Will Find It Where It Is: A Reader, published by Poor Farm Press. The book offers a lens through which she reframes history, and reexamines the legacies of artists Margaret Fuller, Lucia Moholy, and Maria Nordman among others. Thomsen is reflecting on her location as a woman working in abstraction, trained in the sciences, whose practice is beguiled by the plurality of light. The title of the exhibition borrows form Lucia Moholy’s 1972 essay Marginalien zu Moholy-Nagy/Moholy-Nagy, Marginal Notes in which she corrects inaccuracies written into the narrative of she and László Moholy-Nagy histories.


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