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  • Maeve Jackson's trailer for the performance Tangible Space

    September 29 and October 13, 2017

    Choreographer Maria Gillespie presents Tangible Space, a performance and movement installation, in collaboration with artist Sonja Thomsen, and in response to the notions and materials of Thomsen’s site-specific exhibition, in the space of elsewhere. Dancers inhabit and activate Thomsen’s multilevel installation, which extends vertically from MMoCA’s ground-floor lobby and up the building’s iconic, three-story glass windows. Much like Thomsen’s work heightens awareness of our surroundings, Gillespie’s choreography similarly calls attention to the materiality of touch, the rootedness of presence, and the of movement light. The dancers’ expansive gestures compose a kinesphere that is elusive and ephemeral, yet still maintains a presence that is achieved through witnessing and reflecting the movements of others inhabiting the space.

    Performers include Milwaukee-based choreographer Maria Gillespie with performers Joelle Worm, Maggie Seer and Chantee Kelly.  Pat Reinholz will play a cello score constructed from a graphic reading of Thomsen's zine .  Platform sculptures that the dancers perform on are by Chicago-based artist Mike Rea.

    Admission to these events is free.  Visitors are encouraged to move through the installation and view the performance from the multiple levels.

     Filmmaker Maeve Jackson is collborating with Thomsen to create a video archive of the "in the space of elsewhere" commission at Madison Museum of Contemporary Art,  this video is a teaser of that footage...