• in residence...

    This week I will begin a residency at LATITUDE Chicago.  LATITUDE is a nonprofit digital lab in Chicago that hosts one-month artist residencies. Their mission is “to provide access to high-end digital media equipment, a professional production space, and a curriculum dedicated to real-world workflows and contemporary art theory.”  I am looking forward to working with their staff and facilities to produce the works on paper for the site-specific installation of Glowing Wavelengths In Between at DePaul Art Museum, opening May 15, 2015.

     The installation will map intersections; of image and object, to the spaces they inhabit and to the ways of seeing. This installation will utilize a variety of media from steel, polycarbonate, vinyl, retroreflective glass, and photographic works on paper.  All of these media work together to create a space reflective of perception.

     I am pleased to be working with Hahnemühle papers for the exhibition.  The photographs function within the installation as both object and conduit, making the selection of the right surface and paper for each print important to my process.  The diversity of media and richness of surface found in Hahnemühle papers has been rewarding to experiment with. 

    Come by the lab to say hello over the next month!