• residence wrap up...

    residence wrap up...

    Images from the past month and an excerpt from an interview I did with Jennifer Keats- Digital Lab Manager at Columbia College Chicago.

    Has the residency helped you to develop a body of work and discover yourself as an artist? If so, please describe how.  If not, please tell us how the residency has influenced your work.

    I recently described this residency experience to someone as the artist in chrysalis, wrapped in a cocoon of new ideas and modes of thinking, fostering new relationships to the work and process. This summer has been a transitional state for me, although now I don’t know if I would liken it to such a dramatic metamorphosis... maybe more like a snake shedding its skin for the sake of growth. Time will tell.

    Not only has the residency been a rich place to work and produce, it’s also provided me with an incredible platform to connect with the Chicago art community. Columbia alone has an incredibly rich community.

    Working in the open space of the lab was somewhat intimidating compared to the safety net of my private studio. It was a bit of a challenge filtering the diverse feedback and maintaining my creative space in the midst of distractions, but the spontaneous conversations with artists, faculty and students that came about were so rewarding.

    One of my goals for the summer was to schedule studio visits with some of the minds I admire in Chicago. It was great to shake things up with Jason Lazurus, Anna Cerniglia, Tyler Blackwell, Jay Seawell, Barbara Kasten, Michal Raz Russo, Greg Harris, Jessica Cochran, Allison Grant, John Opera, Michael Darling, and Elizabeth Shank.  I am grateful for there time and thoughts about my work.